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Dorcas House
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Dorcas House

Dorcas HouseWelcome to Dorcas House, dedicated to providing necessary household and food items to those in our community, and yours.

We work in clothing, food, furniture, linens, and household furnishings. We don't turn anything down because someone will need it. We give everything away, and sell nothing. These things are used in Texarkana and surrounding communities, as well as across the country in case of natural disaster, or emergency relief aid

Between 10 and 15 tons of clothing were dontated by the Dorcas House in 1998, in addition to all the food and other household items.

Dorcas House



The Dorcas House is open to the public every Thursday from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, and any other time by appointment. (Locate or contact us.)

We are always accepting donations. Stop by on Thursday, or visit during one of our regular worship hours, to make a donation.