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Mission Work
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Mission Work

In Mark 16:15, Jesus told his disciples to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." That is a command for Christians today. Although we all can't go all around the world, we can support those who do.

Here are some ways that the Nash Church of Christ is helping spread the gospel throughout the world.

Hank Cundiff and Jimmy Bonner
Elders, Nash Church of Christ


The Nash congregation is currently providing support to two men and their families who are teaching and preaching God's word outside of the United States.


Don Williams is doing missionary work in the Philippines, where he and his family have been for several years. Their work has converted a number of people to Christ, and established a work that will continue when he has completed his time there.

The Williams Family


The Williams Family

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 357
Q Plaza Post Office
Canta, Rizal

Maps and information about the Philippines.

News Brief

January 27, 1999

Greetings from Antipolo Philippines. Our prayer is that you had a great holiday season and have
embraced the new year with excitement for the Lord. We are underway for the new year with
work at the WBS office and the new congregation in Cainta. Sunday January 24, 1999 we had
20 in worship services in Cainta and 70 in attendance in Antipolo. I'm presently gathering information
for our newsletter so you'll be hearing from us soon through it.

In Christian Love,
Don Williams

bulletMarty Koontz and his family have recently gone to Togo, West Africa, to assist God's work in that area. They are committed to a five year program in Togo.
The Koontz Family


The Koontz Family

Mailing Address
BP 08
Tabligbo, Togo
West Africa

Maps and information about Togo, West Africa.


United States

We are providing support to Glenn Nichols for his work at Beech Island, South Carolina, where he has established a congregation. Glenn has had great success in converting members of the community to Christ.

Future Generations

Over the years, the Nash congregation has provided support for many young men to attend preaching school and college. 

bulletThis past June, Jeff Borcherding completed the program at Brown Trail School of Preaching. He is furthering his education in San Marcos, Texas, where he is serving as a youth director.
bulletDustin Wilder also completed the program at Brown Trail in December, 1998, and has obtained a position as associate minister.
bulletIn an effort to provide help to orphans, we give monthly financial aid to Paragould Children's Home in Paragould, Arkansas, and to Medina Children's Home in Medina, Texas.

More Information

For more information about the mission work we provide here at the Nash Church of Christ, please contact on of our Elders.